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Veeam Expands Strategy: Availability for the Modern Data Center

Since it’s inception, Veeam has been the “backup and recovery” company.  Heck, “Backup and Recovery” was even in product names.  With the release of the Veeam Availability Suite version 8, Veeam is expanding its branding to read “Availability for the modern data center”.

When you look at the entire spectrum of data protection and system availability, Veeam is not really a newcomer to either.  In fact, for years, Veeam has been synonymous with virtualization and backup needs around virtualization.  Further, as a part of the product, Veeam provided additional capabilities to customers through the replication components in Veeam Backup and Replication.

However, as business become increasingly reliant on 24/7 availability – even in the SMB – new and affordable tools are needed to help.  Just as we’ve moved from a focus on backup to one based on recovery, the industry is moving to embrace ongoing availability as the baseline for the modern data center.  In the grand scheme of things, availability goes hand in hand with data protection, which is a foundation for availability.  Without well-protected data, availability it just a pipe dream.  Moreover, modern data protection is about far more than just making sure that data gets backed up.  It also includes making sure that data remains safe from prying eyes.

It’s a far more complex world that what we’ve seen in the past and is one chock full of moving parts, new threats, and new needs.  With version 8 (V8) of the company’s venerable data protection and replication software, Veeam is aiming to focus on this full spectrum of availability, including:

  • Making sure data gets backed up and can be recovered quickly.  This has been a part of the Veeam product from the beginning.
  • Making sure that data gets replicated as needed to bring certainty to disaster recovery scenarios.  Veeam has long demonstrated its capabilities in this area.
  • Closing the availability gap.  Mission critical applications generally get attention when it comes to availability options.  V8 aims to democratize availability and bring it to a wider range of applications at a reasonable cost.
  • Supporting 24/7 operations.  Even tiny businesses these days operate across time zones and include online customers and more.  Heck, even ActualTech Media’s founders, the owner of this blog, operate in three different time zones and work crazy hours that don’t conform to the traditional 9 to 5 mindset.
  • Making recovery faster.  Veeam is already known for really good recovery, but the product just gets better with each release.  V8 will feature Veeam Explorer for Exchange and Active Directory, tools that provide single item recovery support for these two common data center applications.  I’ve used Explorer for Exchange and it’s really, really good.  Point and click easy.
  • Protecting data beyond backup.  End-to-end encryption should be the minimum standard by which data center backups are handled today.  Veeam does this.  Veeam also supports using the cloud as a backup target, enabling off site backups for companies without requiring the build out of a secondary data center.

Veeam is also partnering with other technology vendors to boost the value proposition for shared customers.  For example, Veeam has partnered with both NetApp and EMC to deliver functionality that improves the data protection and availability experience for customers of these vendors.

Here’s a look at some of the features that are new to V8:


The days of complexity and “point solutions” in the data center need to come to a close.  There is simply too much effort put into making things work and IT.  Reliance on an available technology infrastructure and environment is higher than ever before.  IT can’t implement solutions that have the potential to create more chaos than they control.  Further, IT needs to keep costs at a reasonable level even while providing necessary levels of availability.

To learn more about Veeam’s availability initiative, read the company’s Sneak Peek: Veeam Availability Suite v8 document.

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