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Scale Computing Provides Hyperconverged Infrastructure for the SMB

September 28, 2014 |

In the quest for unending growth, many technology startups focus squarely on the midmarket space and above, hoping for huge deals that can boost their bottom lines, often on the way to raising more venture capital or even an IPO.  … Read More

SimpliVity + Cisco Equals Hyperconvergence for the Enterprise

August 24, 2014 |

In my talks with end users in various organizations, hyperconvergence remains one of those topics that is either unknown or that carries with it a level of wariness since it doesn’t look and feel like traditional enterprise data center gear.  … Read More

DataGravity Knows What You Do…And That’s Good

August 19, 2014 | 1

We hear about metadata, and content specific tuning and lots of other buzzwords in storage and web environments today. When we discuss these often confusing items, such as file type recognition and metadata, the challenge comes because there isn’t necessarily a … Read More

Dell Announces a Unified Storage Strategy…Sort of

June 2, 2014 |

There was some interesting news out of the Dell organization from a recent analyst event. Our friends over at the Register brought us the highlights of the story ( which talks about the plans by Dell to bring together their … Read More