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The Object of our Affection: IDC Rates Object Storage Players

January 7, 2015 |

Our friends at The Register have brought out a great article to show the result of the most recent IDC report on Object Storage vendors.  Many things were highlighted by the report, which compares the previous end of 2013 results … Read More

Quantum Makes the Leap to Online Backups with Symform Purchase

August 10, 2014 |

Quantum Corp. made a move this past week to add a new business into its portfolio. On August 7th they announced the acquisition of Symform, a cloud storage service provider. As they have noted in their press release about the … Read More

Getting a CRUSH on Ceph: Inside the CRUSH Algorithm

July 7, 2014 |

Here at Enterprise Storage Guide, we like to see the deep details on storage, and we have come to enjoy having access to many exciting technologies. Recently Red Hat acquired Inktank, which is most well known as the creator of the … Read More

SwiftStack Lands Version 2.0 With a Bold Prediction In Tow

June 20, 2014 |

Startup vendor SwiftStack has announced that their OpenStack Swift based object storage platform has reached the milestone of version 2.0 on June 17th. What makes this an interesting release, aside from the feature set, is the bold prediction that came … Read More

Open vStorage Opens the Curtain on Their Product

June 11, 2014 | 1

Another interesting product in the storage landscape came out of stealth mode very recently named Open vStorage. While choosing the acronym OvS (similar to Open vSwitch/OVS) may be confusing to some, the tagline for the product is actually “Open vStorage … Read More

OpenStack Swift: What’s Next for Juno?

June 6, 2014 |

Object storage with Swift is becoming a much more attractive platform as more organizations delve into OpenStack adoption in both cloud and on-premises deployments. As more customers come on board, we also see an increase in the developer pool that … Read More