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Infinio Accelerates The Accelerator, Adds Block Support

Infinio Accelerates The Accelerator, Adds Block Support

I like Infinio, and not just because they are an ActualTech Media client.  I liked Infinio even before it was cool.  And today, I like them even more.  Way back when Infinio first hit the market, it was one of those “Hey… this makes way too much sense” moments for me.  I immediately saw the value of what Infinio was brining to the table and was impressed with their cost, but also with their laser focus on ensuring as frictionless an experience as possible for the end user, from pricing the product to enable “acceleration-with-a-credit-card” to making the installation process dead simple.

What also went through my mind was, “Shoot.  It’s too bad it’s an NFS-only tool.”

No more!  Today, Infinio announced support for block storage protocols, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and FCoE in addition to its continued support for NFS.  This brings Infinio’s product to a far wider market.  This “Infinio 2.0” product maintains the ease of implementation of the 1.0 and 1.5 releases, too.  It’s a simple download, is non-disruptive, and doesn’t even require a reboot.  Personally, I like things that just work.

Even though support for block protocols is a pretty big deal, Infinio 2.0 brings quite a lot more to the storage table, too:

  • Application level intelligence.  Understanding that there is a performance problem in the environment is a good first start.  After all, recognizing that you have a problem is the first step in correcting it.  However, being able to begin identifying where that performance issue lies is the next important step.  With application level intelligence, Infinio indicates that they will be able to help administrators take quicker action to correct performance-related issues.
  • “Cache Advisor”.  Infinio 1.0 had a fixed cache size of 8 GB.  Infinio 1.5 enabled administrators to adjust the cache to a larger size.  Infinio 2.0 retains this capability while also providing administrators with information telling them what kinds of acceleration results they would get with a larger cache.  The product does not automatically act on those recommendations, but does tell the admin what can be done.
  • Improved VDI performance.  By digging a bit deeper into VDI workloads through the use of advanced heuristics and algorithms that better support VDI workloads, Infinio 2.0 helps administrators gain even more performance from storage systems that are supporting VDI workloads.

I’m especially thrilled to see block support in Infinio 2.0 as this feature alone opens up what is a very good and very well-priced product to a much wider market.  Infinio has come a long way in the past year and it’s exciting to watch their development as they work to help organizations take some of the pain out of storage performance issues.


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