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EMC Hyperconverges with VMware EVO:RAIL Offering

EMC Hyperconverges with VMware EVO:RAIL Offering
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

VMware recently unveiled their EVO:RAIL offering at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. This marks a new era in product development for the virtualization leader, and also opens the door for some very interesting partnerships on hardware provider side of the product.

EVO:RAIL is a software suite that has a strict requirement of hardware to meet a 2U form factor and provide a specific CPU/RAM/Storage footprint and underlying capabilities. The VMware component itself is the “secret sauce” which allows for the simplified deployment and scale of the products by simply stacking them and joining them through the HTML5 management interface using a simple wizard.

EVO:RAIL is a OEM program and software developed by VMware that helps OEMs build “Common Modular Building Block Appliances”

EVO:RAIL Powered by EMC

VMware parent company, EMC, has joined the list of providers which is a growing list. The advantage that is being offered by EMC is that they have the ability to go all in using EMC-only gear. In other worlds, no other manufacturer was needed to create the hardware package, and it contains all of the engineering strength of the long time storage leader.

Chad Sakacc of EMC has written a spectacular post to detail his views on the VMware announcement, the participation of EMC, and the direction of hyperconverged infrastructure. Chad is always a great read, and a powerful advocate for great technologies.

There will be some big changes hitting the enterprise storage market as hyper-converged infrastructure becomes more widely deployed. There is a strong wave coming, and the storage side of the equation will be interesting to see as it evolves. I predict that there will be some challenges in the true linear scale-out architecture for some organizations, but I also predict that hyper-converged solutions will begin to create a more a la carte offering to furnish storage-heavy customers.

As traditional storage vendors begin to see the opportunity to integrate with current hyper-converged solutions, and to potentially create their own offerings, the market will heat up quickly. Flash isn’t the only hotbed of development for storage these days.

We look forward to seeing EVO:RAIL hit the production floors soon, and as EVO:RACK moves into tech preview we will be sure to bring you the information as it becomes available on what that solution will mean to you and others.


  1. Michael

    What about Nutanix and Nimboxx Hyperconvered systems? A comparision would be interessting. Multihypervisor Support.

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