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DataGravity Knows What You Do…And That’s Good

DataGravity Knows What You Do…And That’s Good
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

We hear about metadata, and content specific tuning and lots of other buzzwords in storage and web environments today. When we discuss these often confusing items, such as file type recognition and metadata, the challenge comes because there isn’t necessarily a use-case aside from search and discovery that really takes advantage of this type of information.

Metadata is one thing, but imagine an intelligent storage platform that is fully content-aware of your data based on type, and could provide profiling for performance based on the type of content that is stored and accessed. This is available on some other platforms such as what HP provides on its Autonomy platform, but for a startup to launch into this arena is a very exciting move.

DataGravity – Adding Intelligence to Your Data

Stephen Foskett has written up a great post here which talks about the launch of the new DataGravity platform which took place today, and with the embargo lifted we should see lots of activity over the coming months.

Tech Field Day is becoming a great launchpad for companies coming out of stealth, and with Stephen’s extensive background in storage, this seemed like a perfect platform to introduce them. DataGravity have an interesting story, and a product that could be leading into areas of storage that haven’t been heavily occupied up to this point.

In effect, DataGravity is designing their array to be able to do what is being done by third-party tools and software products that specialize in e-discovery and search. Regulatory requirements are driving many organizations to introduce legal search and hold capability into file and email systems, so the work being done by DataGravity has potential to slot right into that space which could be a fruitful market.

What’s the DataGravity advantage?

Pricing leads the pack on the reasoning for why DataGravity could take hold in a big way. Other solutions with similar feature sets are often targeting the “enterprise” customer, which also carries a steeper price tag in most cases. As Stephen noted in his article, there is still a lot of work ahead for DataGravity, but directionally I think they are doing something very interesting.

Beyond some use-cases which are obvious, there are also many other features which include user activity tracking, sensitive content and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) discovery, and also protection features such as file-level restores, even within VM files on a virtualized workloads.

The storage system itself is flash accelerated on a hybrid hardware platform, with what is described as “all inclusive software” that also does inline optimization.

Learn More About DataGravity Next Week

DataGravity will be at Tech Field Day at VMworld in San Francisco on Monday August 25th which will be streamed live from the event.

We want to congratulate the DataGravity team on their announcement, and we look forward to watching as the product evolves and customers are able to share their experiences for others to see.


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