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Breaking Down the “VSAN Nightmare” Situation

Breaking Down the “VSAN Nightmare” Situation
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

Just recently, a Reddit post became viral among the storage and virtualization community, as it documented a painful outage that caused a VMware VSAN implementation to run amok after a rebuild operation was triggered.

A FUD-less Approach

The post itself was well well laid out, and clearly showed the steps that were followed as the administrator of the system followed the necessary steps to add a VSAN storage node into an existing cluster. At 1 hour past the change, things went sideways, and hours of outages and performance degradation ensued.

The post was done in a way to just highlight a potential issue. Of course, this is also potential fodder for VSAN opponents who could easily have used this as fodder to create a negative buzz around the product. I applaud the author for an honest article despite the challenges that were faced that could have easily triggered a negative post.

Read the original Reddit post “My VSAN Nightmare” followed by the Reddit post “Root cause analysis” here followed by a very well written post by Marcel van den Berg on the difference between being on the HCL, and being tuned for use as per recommendations. Nice work Marcel!


  1. Duncan

    I love the way the VMware fanboys defend it to the max an now it turns out using the 310 would be a bad move lol, this highlights the difference between people who have to make this run for real people and the Walter Mitts who shamelessly promote anything released by their employers.

    Now lets looks at the real cost!

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