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Top Storage Whitepapers

Our whitepaper library is a carefully selected collection of enterprise storage whitepapers designed to help you evaluate storage solutions for the datacenter, both physical and virtual. Feel free to download as many whitepapers as you like and do let us know if you have suggested additions!

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Comparing Hyperconvergence Architectures

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2015 State of Virtualization and Storage Management– Survey Results

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ZMS_technical_whitepaper_TN2014 State of Web-Scale Storage Report

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The results of our 1st Annual Web-scale Storage Survey show that 100’s of enterprises, regardless of their environment size, see ‘scalability’ quickly becoming a number one priority, even ahead of cost.
How Virtualization Breaks Storage

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Read about how the architecture mismatch between traditional storage and virtualization is contributing to the I/O Blender and the implications.

Commissioned by: Gridstore
The Storage Holy Grail: Decoupling Performance from Capacity

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What is the best way to implement Flash? Pernix Data lays out the options.

Commissioned by: Pernix Data
Best Practices for Exchange 2010 & Tegile Zebi Hybrid Storage Array

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This paper discusses
architectural changes and the ways by which the Tegile Zebi line of arrays can address them.

Commissioned by: Tegile
Five Fundamentals of Modern Data Protection

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For most company executives (including CFOs and many CIOs), the protection of company data has become a “given”. Because backup software has been
purchased and IT staff salaries are being paid, the assumption is that your critical data and the applications that manage it are protected. Sadly, in many cases this is far from the truth.

Commissioned by: Veeam
Enabling Flash to Perform Like DRAM

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Application performance is often directly related to the speed of access to data storage. The need for speed has driven the development of solid state devices in lieu of mechanical media. It is axiomatic that the closer to the modern processor core that storage can be placed the better.

Commissioned by: Diablo Technologies
Maxta Case Study: VSS Monitoring

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How VSS Monitoring was able to realize the benefits of Maxta Storage Platform in their Engineering IT organization for their Test and Development infrastructure

Commissioned by: Maxta
Hyperconvergence for Virtualization

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Competitive industries push the need for better technologies, more reliable infrastructures to support the business. What happens when that can no longer happen with the technology and infrastructure
you have in place? When it starts to cost you more to manage and maintain your infrastructure
than it’s actually worth?

Commissioned by: Scale Computing