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VMware to Red Hat: We Do OpenStack Storage Cheaper and Faster

VMware to Red Hat: We Do OpenStack Storage Cheaper and Faster
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

It was interesting to read the article put out by VMware this past week which highlighted some interesting performance testing work being done by the leading virtualization vendor, and how they are touting a lower cost and higher performance deployment capability for OpenStack on VMware VSAN storage and VMware vSphere.

VSAN over Ceph – The Numbers Have Spoken

On the storage comparison, VMware VSAN stacked up well against GlusterFS, a well known and highly respected open source storage environment. There will be lots of questions about the physical topology and hardware, but luckily the information is all presented clearly for a good, transparent view of the lab build.

One thing to think about as you read the study is that there are use-case scenarios that may not align with the test scenario. This is part of what may make open this report up to some counter-comparative numbers from GlusterFS potentially.

Hype or Hyperconverged?

The results for the study highlight some real use-case potential for the VMware product suites as underlying infrastructure to drive an OpenStack deployment. There are definitely some enticing performance numbers that came from the analysis. Top that off with the proposed savings over a 3 year term, and it definitely puts the VMware design on the table for your OpenStack environment.

Read the report at the VMware blog here which contains a link to the original full documentation of the test.


  1. Rene

    There is not mention of ceph in the VMware test. They are comparing Gluster and VSAN

    • Hi Rene. Thanks for spotting this! I’ll adjust the article. This was a definite case of cross-contamination from another post I was working on.

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