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Virtualization vs. Containers: How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

VS versus Containers

Wednesday, June 17th 2015
2:00PM Eastern
(11:00AM Pacific)

Virtualization has fundamentally changed the way that workloads are deployed in the data center. No longer do most companies look to physical servers as they seek to deploy new workloads. But, did you know that there might be a better way to run workloads using a technology called ‘containers’?

With some data center systems, you have to decide whether you want to support virtual machines or whether you want to support containers. Here’s the key question: Why not just run both on the exact same infrastructure?

Join Scott D. Lowe from ActualTech Media and Jeff Margolis from Stratoscale as we discuss how you can make this happen.


Scott Lowe vExpert, MVP Hyper-V – ActualTech Media


Jeff Margolis – Stratoscale

In this Webinar:

  • Discover the emerging world of containers and why this technology might be the best thing since sliced workloads
  • Understand how hyperconverged infrastructure and containers coexist with one another
  • Gain insight into how analytics works across both virtual and container-based workloads
  • Learn about a solution that supports both virtualization and containers right out of the box

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