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Vendor Brief: Infrascale’s Full Service Backup and Recovery

Vendor Brief: Infrascale’s Full Service Backup and Recovery

There’s a ton of market attention on storage these days, but that storage still needs to be backed up and recovered when something goes awry.  Although the backup and recovery space is certainly not lacking in product options, there are always new and emerging players entering the space.  This is a good thing.  This week, I had the opportunity to be briefed by one such company — Infrascale.  Although I have not yet had the opportunity to put Infrascale’s solution to the test, it did pique my interest in a number of ways.  If the product lives up to expectations, the company has certainly develop a differentiated offering.

Back Up All The Things

While not necessarily a differentiator, Infrascale goes beyond some other backup and recovery tools by backing up both physical and virtual machines.  However, Hyper-V is not yet supported.  The company indicates that Hyper-V support is a short-term development goal, so I expect this coverage gap to be closed relatively quickly.

Go Wide And Go Deep

Infrascale’s backup and recovery software covers servers, endpoints, and applications.  In a vSphere environment, Infrascale leverages VMware’s vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), eliminating the need to install agents on each of the individual virtual machines in the environment.  For physical servers, Infrascale does provide an agent that is installed on those systems.  Moreover, Infrascale does provide item-level recovery in SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint environments.  In order to enable this level of application support, the use of the Infrascale agent is required, even when operating these services in a virtual environment.

For client support, Infrascale supports:

  • iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • Windows desktops and servers
  • Mac OS X machines
  • Linux and UNIX systems
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • VMware – including working with the free version and with RDM volumes
  • Netware (yes, Netware!)

Yes, there are other options out there that can back up a lot of different kinds of systems, but the Infrascale list, with the exception of Hyper-V, is pretty comprehensive.  Personally, I like the idea of a one-stop shop when it comes to backup, recovery, and disaster recovery.

I should note that Infrascale provides integration with Changed Block Tracking to enable delta-based backups and also provides comprehensive deduplication services to backed up workloads.

On-Premises Or Off

Infrascale brings to market a solution that can work either on premises or off.  The company touts their “any cloud” opportunity, which enables a backup to live in an on premises location, in a public cloud environment, or even in a location provided by Infrascale.  In order to address growing concerns around data locality – the country in which data or even backup data resides – Infrascale has an increasing number of data center and cloud partners with which is does business and new cloud partners can be brought up very quickly.

Infrascale Screenshot

Infrascale Screenshot

A Dead Simple Pricing Model

So far, I’ve really liked what I’ve heard about the overall simplicity of Infrascale, with the ability to back up just about anything, virtual or physical, mobile or stationary.  However, what I’m truly impressed by is the pricing simplicity.  Too many vendors think it’s ok to make their customers navigate confusion licensing options or nickel and dime them all the time.

On the pricing front, Infrascale is extremely competitive and extremely simple:

  • $99 per month per VMware host (Disk to Cloud) or
  • $129 per month per protected TB (Disk to Cloud) or
  • $149 per month per protected TB + on-premises appliance (Disk to Disk to Cloud)

That’s already good pricing, but it gets better.  The pricing includes cloud storage.  That is impressive and further simplifies what can sometimes be a really confusing mess of pricing.


Infrascale will provide you with the software, the hardware appliance for local backup (optional) plus cloud storage at a very transparent and competitive price.  Again, I have not yet put the product through its paces in our ActualTech Media lab, so I can speak to technical issues, but on the surface of things, it’s a solution that I truly look forward to testing and that I find compelling, based on the information that I have.


  1. Abel Mendez

    I have used the product for a few months now and I am sorely disappointed. Poor tech support and an immature product has led to much frustration.

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