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The Test To Failure of Six SSD Drives

The Test To Failure of Six SSD Drives
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

SSD is the new rage, and with good reason. As more SSD drives are becoming a significant part of our storage infrastructure at organizations around the world, it is interesting to see how these new darlings of storage performance can hold up when put to a serious test.

Picking Up Where Iometer Leaves Off

The usual reporting we see on SSD tests is a screen shot of an Iometer workload which is often done over a relatively short period of time. The real testing comes into play when a consistent, aggressive workload is applied to a SSD drive and we see performance as a longer time passes.

The team at The Tech Report decided to take a run at pushing six SSD drives to the edge to see how they would perform, and survive. As you’ll read here in this great post Casualties on the way to a Petabyte some drives stood up better than others, but under the significant amount if I/O, all suffered different fates.

This is good information to have as you evaluate what SSD under load will behave like, and the potential path to failure for SSD hardware.

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