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VMware to Red Hat: We Do OpenStack Storage Cheaper and Faster

June 23, 2014 | 2

It was interesting to read the article put out by VMware this past week which highlighted some interesting performance testing work being done by the leading virtualization vendor, and how they are touting a lower cost and higher performance deployment … Read More

VSAN Ready? Yes Please!

June 16, 2014 |

When shopping out options for a VSAN infrastructure, you aren’t just relegated to searching the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) to look for a mix and match set of hardware that can be supported to install and operate a VMware VSAN … Read More

Worried About Your VM Snapshots? You Should Be

June 13, 2014 |

Let me start by saying that I love VMware VM snapshots! The number of use-cases I have for this feature is lengthy, and I have had significant success in putting snapshots into use for upgrades, cloning, testing, and many other … Read More

VSAN and Disconnecting Hosts: Be Careful How You Remove Host Resources!

June 13, 2014 |

There are a lot of people testing the waters with VMware VSAN, and one of the challenges with bringing a new technology on board is understanding the management processes to keep it running. Shared-nothing clustered storage is probably one of … Read More

VAAI UNMAP and Performance Considerations

June 10, 2014 |

VMware VAAI (vSphere APIs for Array Integration) has been heavily leveraged for VMware storage environments. Using these integrated APIs, the underlying hardware can offload storage tasks from the hypervisor to get the greatest efficiency and performance

*Performance May Vary

As … Read More

Breaking Down the “VSAN Nightmare” Situation

June 4, 2014 | 1

Just recently, a Reddit post became viral among the storage and virtualization community, as it documented a painful outage that caused a VMware VSAN implementation to run amok after a rebuild operation was triggered.

A FUD-less Approach

The post itself was well … Read More