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SolidFire Sparks New Funding and Product Line

SolidFire Sparks New Funding and Product Line
David Davis, VCP, VCAP-DCA

As the lyrical masters of Grandmaster Flash said: “Flash is fast. Flash is cool”, and this is proving to be true in every sense as the flash storage market place got a new offering this week care of Boulder, Colorado based storage startup SolidFire.

As other competitors in the all-flash space like Pure Storage, Nimbus Data, and others, do everything they can to chip away at the enterprise all-flash customer base which is dominated by incumbents like EMC and NetApp, we have seen SolidFire make the move to also attend to the smaller enterprise with a brand new SF2405 and SF4805 units.

Sub-100K Flash: Is This Flash For All?

The challenge with all-flash arrays is the entry point for companies seems too high when compared at the capital cost of a traditional storage array. The selling point of the all-flash offerings is usually the dollars-per-GB metric which is lowered using de-duplication and compression to make the cost more aligned with traditional spinning media products.

Performance of all-flash products us undeniably good. Especially when compared to magnetic drives that have been powering data center storage products for decades. The other import factor that SolidFire is focusing on is the linear scale-out of size and performance with their products. Being able to expand with predictable performance will help organizations to be more effective in their acquisition and expansion of data center storage.

Pre-IPO Funding Announcement

Along with the new product lines, Dave Wright, CEO and Founder, also announced the injection of 82 Million dollars in funding which will help to grow the sales organization and much more. As SolidFire prepares for an inevitable IPO, the key will be growing the sales velocity and customer base to illustrate the strength of the product on the ground in data centers which will drive the value of the organization towards a strong place in the all-flash market.

You can read about the announcement of the funding at Venture Beat here and make sure that you visit the Solid Fire website to view more about their new product series.

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