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Silver Bullets and Serialization: Scaling SSD

Silver Bullets and Serialization: Scaling SSD
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

You’ve all been in that meeting where someone says “Can’t we just put more disk in and it performs better?”, and we have all had to spend time talking about scaling, striping, latency, and a number of other technical items that sometimes even we get lost in.

So, how do we explain why adding SSD doesn’t always fix performance issues when we sometimes don’t even know where the break point will be? You’re in luck, because someone has done some work ahead of us and helped us to get the info we need.

Parallel and Serial: The Storage Version

One of the challenges with storage at scale is the idea that putting more money and hardware will create a linear increase in performance. This is almost never the case, and there are a number of factors which will cause this to be so. Changing your data patterns and application patterns to leverage serialization sounds like the way to go, but you may be surprised by the real results.

Aaron Sullivan from Rackspace has done a great job in putting together what the growth and speed factors really mean when talking about scaling storage for performance. This is a powerful reminder that there is no silver bullet and that applications may not grow as you would hope they should.

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