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Seagate Opens Up Storage: Seagate Kinetic

Seagate Opens Up Storage: Seagate Kinetic
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

We’ve seen some interesting projects that we are seeing in storage which are being brought forward from vendors. Open storage products and projects are getting some heat, and with good reason. This is why I was interested to see Seagate Kinetic.

The Seagate Kinetic Storage platform represents a fundamental and important leap forward in storage architectures. The demands of our always-connected, mobile and online world—and the corresponding massive cloud storage infrastructure required to support it—mandate true re-envisioning of best practices and technology. 

Vendor-Driven Openness

It is interesting to see more vendors jumping into open software and collaborating to create powerful new tools for managing workloads. We are seeing this in not just supporting their own platforms, but often stretching to be able to support alternative underlying hardware with a “software-defined” approach as the abstraction layer.

We highlighted the Open vStorage product recently, and as more folks like Seagate begin to dip their toes into open waters we will inevitably see better innovation and collaboration. Exciting times are ahead!

It is definitely worth looking at the Seagate Kinetic project and where this may take us.


Open vStorage that we highlighted recently

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