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Quantum Makes the Leap to Online Backups with Symform Purchase

Quantum Makes the Leap to Online Backups with Symform Purchase
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

Quantum Corp. made a move this past week to add a new business into its portfolio. On August 7th they announced the acquisition of Symform, a cloud storage service provider. As they have noted in their press release about the acquisition:

“Quantum already provides cloud-based data protection through our Q-Cloud™ Protect service and other partner offerings, and we recently introduced a cloud solution for content production, packaging and distribution workflows based on our StorNext® and Lattus™ solutions,”

This statement from Quantum CEO Jon Gacek touches on the story of the product direction that Quantum has already taken in cloud storage, but it also tells us that this purchase was done in order to expand and strengthen their place in the market rather than just buying their way in.

Instant Customers – By the Petabyte

Symform touts a customer base of 45,000 across 170 countries with petabytes, yes you read that correctly, petabytes of object data. Using Symform’s scale-out storage technology will be a definite boost for Quantum as they begin their integration with existing systems.

More emphasis is coming on bringing aboard companies with an incumbent customer base. This gives Quantum an opportunity to both carry the existing customers and offer additional platform options, plus they will hopefully continue to integrate and innovate the Synform offerings to keep and grow the customers.

Object Storage Market Growth

More products are popping up in the object storage market place. There is the obvious player with Amazon Web Services and their S3 (Simple Storage Service) which was in fact one of their first production product offerings.

Long time cloud provider Rackspace began the OpenStack project turning their Cloud Files product into what would become OpenStack Swift. Just with Swift alone we have a large number of vendors who are building custom builds with some additional management features.

Those two examples cover what we call primary use object storage. The next stage is to provide archival storage. In the Amazon platform there is Glacier which was designed to provide lower speed storage for longer term, archival type of storage of objects. This is actually becoming a very popular offering because of the lower cost of the service.

Making Object Storage Simple

While Amazon S3 is named by the acronym for “Simple” Storage Service, the truth is that it is only as simple as the client that is being used to access it. Symform made this the key feature for their backup product because they have given customers a simple interface with the ability to access from anywhere on any client to your account.

Lots of backup products are making the jump to utilizing object storage back-ends to provide a repository for keeping backup images and file sets. With the acquisition of Symform, Quantum is well placed to make inroads into the object storage space more.

It will be interesting to see how the integration goes, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


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