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Pure Storage Introduces New Hardware and Sales Models

Pure Storage Introduces New Hardware and Sales Models

Pure Storage, founded in 2009 recently announced new hardware, as well as a new hardware sales model. The new hardware product, called FlashArray//m, aims to provide simplicity and scalability. It boasts state of the art components such as 12 GB/s SAS connectivity and PCIe Gen 3, with the ability to support PCIe Gen 4 in the future, proving scale from 15 TB to 120 TB. The FlashArray//m is also set to be an efficient piece of data center technology, set to use the same amount of power as a toaster oven. More about FlashArray//m can be found on the Pure Storage website.

Along with the new FlashArray//m hardware platform comes a new flash storage sales model. Pure Storage also introduced something they call Evergreen Storage. Evergreen Storage seeks to transform the fundamental way customers consume flash storage. One of the biggest pain points customers face are upgrades to their storage environments. Evergreen Storage will allow customers to independently upgrade components such as capacity, density, and performance without forklift upgrades or downtime. Pure Storage seeks to accomplish this in two ways.

First, all software, as well as software upgrades are included in the purchase of the system. Second, customers will be able to receive credit towards new hardware as upgrades occur, making sure customers receive the most out of their Pure Storage investment. Both of these initiatives focus on customers capital expenditures, allowing customers, along with their flash systems to continuously reap benefit from new innovation.

To focus on operational expenditures, Pure Storage is introducing Forever Flash. The Forever Flash program provides free controller upgrades every three year, as long as maintenance and support stays current, as well as flat maintenance pricing to allow customers to plan their operational expenditures accordingly. More information on Evergreen Storage and Forever Flash can be found here.

Pure Storage seeks to simplify flash storage adoption for its customer base. In a storage arena which is continually becoming more crowded, Pure Storage is seeking to differentiate itself with new hardware and hardware sales and maintenance models. With a 3 Billion Dollar valuation, Pure Storage is seeking to further differentiate itself from the pack.

More information on the new announcements from Pure Storage can be found on about the new products and updates.

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