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Is PCI Flash About to Jump the Shark?

Is PCI Flash About to Jump the Shark?
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

With all of the heat on PCI flash lately, particularly with the announcement of SanDisk purchasing PCI flash leader Fusion-io, some are asking a very interesting question: Has PCI flash hit the peak?


Some of the speculation on whether PCI flash is the peaking may be happening with many competitive solutions for flash cache and distributed flash storage using server RAM which could cut latency and increase performance to provide a better experience. That being said, there are also limitations and down sides to RAM as storage also, so it is not quite the panacea either.

Time will tell as more flash options become utilized in the mainstream, and as more vendors expand their offerings. One way or another, we are definitely seeing that flash is becoming a viable part of the storage ecosystem, not just for caching, but as an active part of writable storage scenarios in many cases.

Luca Dell’Oca has a nicely written post on his thoughts here which give a good viewpoint on it. Feel free to let us know what you think of the flash market place and how you see it going. Comments are always welcome!

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