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OpenStack Swift: What’s Next for Juno?

OpenStack Swift: What’s Next for Juno?
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

Object storage with Swift is becoming a much more attractive platform as more organizations delve into OpenStack adoption in both cloud and on-premises deployments. As more customers come on board, we also see an increase in the developer pool that feeds back to the OpenStack Swift project.

Icehouse to Juno – Speed and Stability Goals

The OpenStack Icehouse release went as planned in April 17th, and inside of that we saw improvements in the long-standing Swift project. As one of the most mature of the OpenStack projects, the Swift Object storage environment, it is powerful competitor to rival AWS S3.

At the OpenStack Summit in May, the format of presenting current changes and features with the Icehouse release was paired with the traditionial design summit for the next release which is the Juno edition of OpenStack.

Goals that were especially highlighted in the design talks included changes to increase reliability and speed in the Swift replication infrastructure. Storage Policies also topped the list which is also a common feature that is being requested by organizations and vendors alike.

eNovance has done a great retrospective of the Juno design summit for the Swift project which they posted here to detail the discussions. Great reading as you dive into the world of object storage in the OpenStack environment.

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