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The Object of our Affection: IDC Rates Object Storage Players

The Object of our Affection: IDC Rates Object Storage Players
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

Our friends at The Register have brought out a great article to show the result of the most recent IDC report on Object Storage vendors.  Many things were highlighted by the report, which compares the previous end of 2013 results to the December 2014 results showing slippages and gains by respective vendors.

Another important part of the report is the forward look that IDC attaches with regards to the market size.  According to IDC there will be a 27 percent increase in the object storage market over the course of the coming four years.  This is well within the range that many industry pundits talk about because of the availability of platforms that can leverage object storage as a backend and the increase in application architecture that fully utilizes object storage over traditional block and network attached storage.

Watch out incumbents, there are some new players coming on strong

That may sound like a bit of a bold statement, but I base it on the fact that we see players like EMC, NEC, and NetApp slipping down in market share while other companies such as Cleversafe and Scality are hovering in the top spots with good gains on market share.  HDS stood out as a gainer among everyone with a move from 7th place overall to 4th place.

Software vendors are showing their strength as we see more companies and service providers moving towards the commoditized hardware to meet the scaling needs with reduced costs.  Object storage is an ideal use-case for commodity hardware because if the distributed nature of the platform.  Typically we see products like SwiftStack, based on the OpenStack Swift program, which is able to provide AWS S3 like capabilities without the per-GB charges that can creep up on customers as they launch more content into object storage as a backend.

Percentage of a percentage of the bigger picture

Recall that this portion of storage is really what I call a percentage of a percentage of the overall.  Object storage does not compare in deployment against traditional block and network storage.  Many of the vendors involved in the measurements here in the IDC report also cover significant shares of the rest of the enterprise hardware and software-defined storage environments.  While this is important when considering the merits of each vendor’s placement in the overall industry, we are seeing a rise in the use of object storage.

Don’t throw out the NFS hardware just yet, but don’t be surprised if you see more of your application development driving towards objects storage backends.

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