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Nutanix Unveils a Flashy New Offering

Nutanix Unveils a Flashy New Offering

As the all-flash market heats up with more vendors entering into the game, hyper-converged juggernaut Nutanix puts their name into the hat with a new all-flash offering. Not only is the new all-flash NX9000 series going to feature speedy SSD with the Nutanix scale-out architecture, but we are also seeing the same deduplication and compression options which will allow the system to grow beyond its base thanks to those efficiencies.

Speeds and feeds are the name of the game in networking, so as flash becomes more available to the traditional data center through a variety of vendor options, those same measurements will begin to be notices at the storage layer.

The move to include an all-flash model has a clear target to put high I/O workloads such as OLTP databases, and latency-sensitive apps that will fully leverage the flash storage to deliver the best application experience.

Introducing Metro Availability

Beyond the flash offering as a standalone option in the data center, Nutanix has also unveiled their Metro Availability feature which delivers synchronous replication across distances of up to 400km to protect virtual infrastructure between physical sites on their hardware.

This is definitely a powerful feature to bring to the market, and the implementation for BCP/DR will have many CIOs and others eyeing Nutanix as an attractive platform to build out the next generation data center.

Extending beyond the traditional 200km barrier is a challenge that few have been able to surpass. Thanks to the replication capability and continuous data protection (CDP) baked into the Nutanix software, the distance boundary has become something that is able to be pushed further than in the past.

There will inevitably be some caveats to the boundaries depending on many factors within the workload profile, but this is definitely a strong step by Nutanix which will inevitably draw some competition in the coming months as others move to catch up on this feature set.

You can see the full press release here at the Nutanix web site for more information.

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