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Nimble and Adaptive? The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Platform

Nimble and Adaptive? The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Platform
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

In an announcement yesterday, Nimble Storage opened up the curtain on their Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash CS700 unit with plans for general availability in June 2014. This is exciting news for sure and it has prompted many people to take a strong look at Nimble Storage including some investors who are maintaining a strong buy rating on the company.

The Journey From Hybrid To Flash

With their roots in hybrid auto-tiering storage, Nimble steps into the all-flash arena an an optimal time to start attracting customers in this new platform. At the same time, it is becoming a rather busy space and they will definitely be among strong competition.

In a quote from the press release by Nimble, this tells a lot of what industry analysts are seeing about the all-flash market place:

“The battle between all flash and hybrid flash array vendors will continue to rage for at least the next several years. Application workloads that require lots of performance and relatively little capacity will migrate more towards all flash array architectures, and those applications that require lots of capacity and relatively less performance will probably find hybrid array architectures more cost-effective. Solutions like Nimble’s new CS700 and All-Flash Shelf give customers significant leeway in establishing the ratio between SSDs and HDDs to offer the flexibility necessary to accommodate a wide range of mixed data center workloads.”
– Eric Burgener, research director, IDC

I agree with what is being said here, and you can see by the amount of players who are leaping into the flash storage product market that we have some exciting times ahead on price, performance, and feature wars in all-flash options for your data center.

You can view the official press release at the Nimble Storage site here on the announcement.

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