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New Free Hyperconvergence Basics Ebook!

New Free Hyperconvergence Basics Ebook!
James Green

Hyperconvergence has come a long way over the past couple of years. An architecture paradigm that many IT professionals initially viewed as a niche solution suited only to a few specific infrastructure challenges has now grown into a mature technology which provides the actual foundation to many data centers. Plenty of IT organizations these days are running their primary, business-critical workloads on hyperconverged infrastructure and enjoying the simplicity, granular scalability, and cloud-like economics that this architecture offers.

For many folks, however, hyperconverged infrastructure is still a new idea. It’s such a dramatic change to the way things are done that it’s intimidating. At ActualTech Media, our goal is to make the latest and greatest in IT approachable for our audience and to deliver that education in an easily consumable fashion. To that end, we partnered with Scale Computing nearly two years ago to create the Hyperconvergence for the SMB Gorilla Guide. In the time since that book was released, hyperconvergence as a general technology has grown in adoption and maturity, and Scale Computing and their offerings have grown substantially as well.

I’m excited to announce that to address the growth in the hyperconvergence landscape and the broader applicability of Scale’s solutions today, we’ve teamed up with them again to update the book which so many IT professionals have already found helpful on their hyperconverged journey. This month, we’re releasing The Gorilla Guide to The Fundamentals of Hyperconverged Infrastructure. This book is a fresh, up-to-date guide for anyone investigating hyperconvergence. I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in hyperconverged infrastructure to download a free copy of this book. It’s going to allow you to:

• Learn about the IT challenges that remain in a post-virtualization data center
• Gain an understanding of all that hyperconverged infrastructure has to offer
• Zero in on the business benefits that come with the adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure
• Explore a variety of use cases where hyperconverged infrastructure is a natural fit

Download your copy of The Gorilla Guide to the Fundamentals of Hyperconverged Infrastructure!