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A couple of years ago, a new data center architecture option hit the market by storm and has garnered a lot of attention – and deservedly so. This architecture, which has become known as Hyperconverged Infrastructure, carries with it the promise of simpler, faster, more effective IT, particularly in those IT shops in which staffing is lean and mean. In many organizations, it’s simply not feasible to hire enough smart people to maintain deep knowledge across the entire data center resource continuum.

By bringing together, into a single appliance, many of the previously disparate data center resources, organizations may find it easier to manage what have become complex environments. Further, because hyperconverged infrastructure it based on small building blocks, organizations may find it easier to adopt a “bite sized scaling” methodology to their data center rather than having to manage large capital buys every few years.

IT Pros:  What Does “Hyperconvergence” Really Mean Anyway?

Even with all of the potential benefits inherent in a hyperconverged infrastructure however, the market segment has remained in the shadows. Many IT pros, faced with managing the day to day, have not had the opportunity to learn all there is to learn about this emerging data center opportunity.

That’s all about to change…

For starters, at VMworld 2014, VMware jumped feet first into the hyperconverged infrastructure space and, while the VMware offering trails other hyperconverged players from a pure technical perspective, VMware’s participation in the space adds weight and visibility and will help to bring hyperconvergence out of the shadows.

That’s great, but more is needed: Busy IT Pros and Executives need to understand what hyperconverged infrastructure is, what it means and what it can mean for simplifying and enabling their organization’s IT.

This is where we feel we can help fill in the blanks…

Our Plan to Address the Hyperconvergence Knowledge Gap

logo_black-redToday, in partnership with SimpliVity, we’re incredibly proud to announce the launch of, a brand-new web destination intended to provide readers with comprehensive understanding of the Hyperconverged Infrastructure model and it’s significant benefits.

Site Features, Blog & Downloads is designed to be an ongoing resource destination for discovering and hc-org-blog-splashexploring advancements in Hyperconverged Infrastructure and how it can help in the real world of accelerating IT demands.  The site features a nine-part learning series explaining, in plain English, how the Hyperconverged Infrastructure model works, how it differs from traditional data center architectures, use cases that can leverage the new model immediately and how to get started simplifying your data center with this giant technological leap forward.

The nine-part series is also available on for immediate download via our latest book: Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies.  Direct download your free copy here. More downloadable case studies, use cases and whitepapers will be added monthly.

The site’s new Hyperconverged Blog is a must-bookmark destination for all the latest Hyperconverged Infrastructure development and analysis by myself, David M. Davis and other top virtualization and data center industry experts.  The blog is not simply an announcement channel,  its posts will focus on deep dives into the technology, market landscape and, most importantly, the actionable meaning of advancements in this new space.

Live Events & Video & an iPhone 6…!

We’re also excited to announce that will also feature live HC-dummies-webinar-300x250.fwwebinar events, videos and presentations to help explain Hyperconverged Infrastructure concepts in a way that includes your questions and feedback.  And, of course, like all of our ActualTech Media live events we’ll have awesome prizes to thank you for attending and contributing!

To kick off our live events schedule, don’t miss our first Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies Webinar, happening on September 18th at 2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific!

Oh, and we’re giving away an iPhone 6!!!!  (Yes, we know it’s not officially announced yet, but we all know it’s coming and we’ll be shipping it out to the lucky winner as soon as it’s available:)

You can sign up for the webinar by visiting the Hyperconverged Blog or directly here.

As founders of ActualTech Media, David M. Davis, Geordie Carswell and yours truly invite you to participate in the exciting discussion around this data center architecture alternative, one that we feel will continue to explode in the coming months and years!

We’re incredibly excited to bring this resource the IT community! Check out & let us know what you think!

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