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Infinio Introduces Support for vSphere 5.5

Infinio Introduces Support for vSphere 5.5
David Davis, VCP, VCAP-DCA

On March 3rd, Infinio Systems’ announced that its NAS-juicing, software-based storage performance solution now supports vSphere 5.5 via Infinio Accelerator 1.2. vSphere 5.5 support has been seen as an essential step in Infinio’s effort to help organizations stave of the need for new disks, controllers and SSDs to deal with storage performance degradation through software alone.

“Since launching the product in November of last year, we’re pleased to be adding new platform support and continuing to gain new customers,” said Arun Agarwal, Infinio co-founder and CEO. “Our product allows customers to increase the ratio of host servers to storage systems in their virtualized environments, with virtually no operational cost.”

Infinio’s performance boosts come courtesy of an in-memory global cache that is shared and de-duplicated across the entire vSphere cluster. The net result is an offloading of 75% or more of the read requests from NAS, reducing the need for additional hardware investment.

Infinio provided an overview of the technology at last summer’s Storage Field Day. Sit in and watch the presentation:

Infinio is currently offering a limited number of free fully functional Accelerator licenses for use in test labs. To learn more, and enter to win the free test licenses, check out their website.

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