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How’s My Storage? I/O Analyzer Fling Released

How’s My Storage? I/O Analyzer Fling Released
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

There are a few beta tools that are always hot commodities, and for those who don’t already know about them, you should make sure to watch for the VMware Flings site to see some great tools for your VMware data centers.

I/O Analyzer for VMware Environments

Knowing how your storage performs is more than just popping up the Performance Tab on your vCenter client to see what the current state of your storage is. The I/O Analyzer fling is built to deploy into your VMware environment with a simple OVF template.

This is not the first iteration of this particular fling, but there were some nice updates baked into the 1.6 release:


We do have to note that VMware Flings are considered unsupported products, and as such they are to be deployed with awareness that you are assuming all risk. It sounds scarier than it really is, and you can easily put this into your test environment first of course.

Being able to have an inside view of the continuous measurement of I/O on your virtualized storage will be a helpful set of metrics for analysis and planning of how to better manage and potentially grow your storage platforms.

Visit the VMware Flings page for the I/O Analyzer to download the tool and read the updated documentation.

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