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David Davis Interviews Cloud Physics Founder Irfan Ahmed

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With their unique SaaS approach, CloudPhysics does the heavy lifting so you can make sense of the data in your datacenter, and take the guesswork out of operational decisions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Cloud Physics Observer continuously scans and collects the Big Data generated by your systems and sends it to our platform for processing. The Observer is a lightweight, agentless virtual appliance that uses read-only API access to grab config, events, and performance data from vCenter.
  • Data mashups are a Cloud Physics specialty – and what users love best about them. Data about VMs is correlated to data about data stores to data about hosts to knowledge base articles to data about performance of those systems. They automatically correlate any component or system’s data against any other – so you don’t have to do it manually.
  • CloudPhysics gives you lots of ways to analyze and interact with your data. Apply filters, set thresholds, export it into Excel, share it with your team, drill down to look deep into affected systems, run simulations against it.