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Google Adds Drive to Their Race to Zero Plan

Google Adds Drive to Their Race to Zero Plan
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

With the Google I/O conference underway, announcements were plentiful. One of the interesting announcements was that Google is now expanding their subscription storage service Google Drive to be unlimited for $10 per month for their business customers.

Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!

The battle over pricing is heating up with competitors like Microsoft kicking up their OneDrive subscription to allow a 1TB per users for Office 365 customers. This veritable fencing match was answered when Google made a clear indication that they are continuing to drive towards near-zero pricing on their services to bring customers on board.

As cloud storage for business becomes more price competitive, the next step will be feature parity among products. More announcements came around encryption which will be both in transit, and at rest on the server. This is definitely going to win over some folks who may have not thought the platform was viable due to potential privacy concerns.

Much more will come in this product space for sure, and you can read more on the announcement here.

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