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Data Center Madness Series Launches March 21st!

Data Center Madness Series Launches March 21st!
David Davis, VCP, VCAP-DCA

New from ActualTech Media, Nutanix and Intel! The Madness is moving from the basketball court to the cloud. It’s time for the ultimate data center showdown where opponents will go head-to-head debating the hottest methods IT pros are relying on to eliminate IT complexity and build the Enterprise Cloud of the future.

Watch top industry experts debate rival infrastructures against each other in four epic matchups! All attendees will be entered to win one of four PS4s with NBA 2k17 and the grand prize, a pair of Michael Jordan autographed 1992 Olympic Air Jordan 7 Sneakers!

grandpriess all

Check out the line up of debate rounds:

Round #1 – Data Center Duel – March 21st @ 2PM Eastern


Round 1 Headshots

Our Data Center Madness tournament kicks off with a couple heated rivalries in a long-anticipated battle royale. As IT organizations prepare to re-platform their data centers for the next decade, there are multiple decision vectors to consider. This round focuses on the two most popular ones.

Storage Skirmish:

Flash-based storage systems are getting cheaper and more reliable, but is it too early to go in for a complete all-flash refresh for the entire data center? Or are hybrid systems still the most popular for the next 5 years?

DIY vs. Pre-Integrated:

Will people still make disparate SANs, NAS, Servers, Virtualization software, backup solutions, and networking from different vendors work together because of the flexibility it offers? Or are we moving to a pre-integrated world where most deployments will be converged or hyperconverged?

Register for Round 1 and the Series Here!

Round #2 – Application Altercation – March 28th @ 2PM Eastern


round 2 headshots 1

In the second round of Data Center Madness, we’re all about applications. How will applications evolve in the age of cloud? How will they be run? Watch the referee for this one—it’ll be a heated match-up!


How will enterprise applications evolve and what type of databases will hold the PBs of data generated in the coming years? Will RDBMS continue to rule the DC, or will the challenger NoSQL be the new king?

Virtualization Throwdown:

Now that the market has embraced virtualization as the norm for practically all workloads in the datacenter, does it make sense for applications and VMs to run on a separately deployed virtualization stack? Or has the hypervisor become another integrated feature?

Register for Round 2 and the Series Here!

Round #3 – Process Against Process – April 4th @ 2PM Eastern


round 3 headshots

Tried and true? Or new and efficient? These titans duke it out in the third round—and there can only be one winner. How will IT processes and constructs stand the test of next-generation applications and data centers?

Traditional Test/Dev vs. DevOps:

Test and development have come a long way with agile processes, but how will they morph as IT embraces DevOps accelerating release cycles and automating workflows? Long-time winner Test/Dev will meet its match!

VM vs. Containers:

The decision of running applications in VMs vs. in a container is a conundrum for many application and infrastructure architects. Does one size fit all, or is there still room for both teams in the next-gen data center?

Register for Round 3 and the Series Here!

Round #4 – Clash of the Clouds  – April 11th @ 2PM Eastern


round 4 headhots

We’ve saved the most dramatic stand-off for last time to take it to the hoop and talk about the journey to the cloud for IT organizations.

On-prem vs. Hosted Deployments:

Are IT teams playing a home or away game? We’ll explore whether cloud will be a logical extension to on-prem data centers as it is in personal devices (iPhone to iCloud and Android to Gdrive) with seamless cloud extensions, or if organizations move to a cloud-first world where most of their workloads sit in the cloud.

Enterprise Cloud vs. Public Cloud:

When will organizations buy infrastructure and when will they rent? Is AWS the right choice for all workloads? It all comes down to this in the final stand-off.

Register for the Data Center Madness Series Here!

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