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Cohesity Data Platform: Secondary Storage gets Primary Tier Attention

Cohesity Data Platform:  Secondary Storage gets Primary Tier Attention

As hyperconverged infrastructure dominates much of headlines around disruption in IT, relatively new startup Cohesity has come out of stealth with what is being called converged secondary storage. Cohesity is led by CEO Mohit Aron, former CTO and co-founder of Nutanix, who’s work in engineering at Google led to the idea behind hyperconverged technology and scalable file systems.

Bringing Focus to Secondary Storage

While hyperconvergence targeted primary storage and workloads, secondary storage is seen as being a much greater sized market because of the sheer amount of data that lives in secondary tiers. Cohesity identifies secondary storage as test/dev, file shares, and analytics in the operational category, and also the data protection category which covers backup software and targets, disaster recovery and replication, and archival storage to tape and cloud.

Using the term “Data Iceberg”, Cohesity has clearly identified a potential to touch many areas of secondary storage with their solution.


The team at Cohesity is eyeing a massive amount of data which is sitting in many disparate storage environments to be able to bring convergence into the more passive storage platforms.


Their vision is shared by investors which include Sequoia Capital, Wing Venture Capital, ARTIS Ventures, Google Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Accel Partners, Battery Ventures, and Trinity Ventures. Judging by the 70MM investment through the initial15MM Series A in 2013, and their recent Series B adding 55MM to the total, they are poised to drive their innovation into an often overlooked space.

The Cohesity Data Platform

The three pillars of the Cohesity Data Platform are Manage and Protect Seamlessly, Use Efficiently, and Learn Instantly.


Using their ability to begin as a backup target will make adoption smooth for newcomers to the Cohesity platform. By taking on the backup targets, data archival begins to leverage their scale-out platform which is a natural lead in to expanding usage into more active workloads like test and development environments.

Cohesity interestingly targets DevOps as well, touting the ability to use instant thin, writeable clones for quick launch of new environments. Initial deployments are targeted for VMware environments, and as customers come on board, we may see more potential hypervisor support. That said, VMware environments are the precise customer that Cohesity will want to engage because of the large adoption of VMware by enterprise customers.

The sprawling data among secondary storage platforms could do well to be reeled in. This is an interesting opportunity which is ripe for the picking as more customers are becoming comfortable with the web-scale concepts and seeing the benefit of looking towards more disruptive platforms.

Management and Application Integration

Beyond just data storage, Cohesity also provides a data management solution to give a single management view of the entire environment. Going to the next level, Cohesity also provides application integration which enables communication and interaction via the RESTful API.


Touching on some clearly hot, and relatively untapped areas of the IT market, Cohesity is looking to bring their converged storage capability into data centers everywhere. As many players are rivaling each other in the primary storage, compute, and networking space, this leaves a significant market share open for Cohesity. In fact, IDC estimates that the secondary storage market to be one that shouldn’t be overlooked:

“We believe Cohesity’s web-scale experience and converged architecture approach is uniquely positioned to radically simplify how customers protect and use their data — an opportunity which IDC estimates at nearly $50 billion this year,” said ARTIS Ventures General Partner and Founder Stuart Peterson

Technologically, there are few competitors in this particular market. It will be interesting to see how Cohesity can take advantage of this opportunity to drive this new platform. Given Mohit’s background, and the rallying of investors behind the company, it is clear that there is traction behind the company.

Cohesity Early Access

To request early access to the Cohesity Data Platform, you can request to be a part of the early access program at the Cohesity web site. Full details of the funding announcement is also available at their site. We look forward to seeing Cohesity make their mark in the data center an cloud arenas. Congratulations to Mohit and the management team, and we will be sure to follow along their journey as Cohesity brings secondary storage into the next generation of convergence.

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