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Should Ceph Replace LVM for Cinder?

Should Ceph Replace LVM for Cinder?
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

Within OpenStack, there is a lot of activity on the storage side of the projects regarding the ideal back-end to use for Cinder deployments. Up to now, the traditional deployments were based on LVM (Logical Volume Manager) which is native to the Linux platform. You will see this in nearly all lab deployments and a significant number of production instances also.

Ceph over LVM?

Ceph is the product of Inktank, who was recently purchased by Red Hat Software just prior to the OpenStack Summit in May. One promise of Ceph is that it is, and always will be fully open source. This gives it the potential to become a great product to fit into the use-case of OpenStack for Cinder as a block storage environment.

Here is a great quick video which gives an overview of Ceph from Ross Turk of Inktank (now Red Hat):

Vendors Can Play Too

Of course, this is for cases where there is not already a physical storage back-end such as EMC, SolidFire, NetApp or others who are already providing Cinder drivers. But in cases where folks wish to use a generic underlying storage infrastructure, Ceph is a great product to put in place if you ask me.

If you want to read a great post on the subject, here is one from Sebastien Han on the subject.


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