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C is For Coho, Coho Data Series C Raises 30M

C is For Coho, Coho Data Series C Raises 30M
David Davis, VCP, VCAP-DCA

Palo Alto based Coho Data recently raised an additional 30 Million Dollars in funding during their Series C round. Coho Data is best known for their Coho Coast Operating Environment, which is based on a flash object store to enable them to easily scale both capacity and performance to support a varying degree of workloads.

In addition, Coho also announced their first all flash storage based hardware, to join their existing hybrid storage hardware. The Data Stream hardware platform seeks to provide customers with the right fit for their environment, by allowing all three node types (hybrid DataStream 800h and 1000h, as well as all flash DataStream 2000f) to exist within the same Coho cluster. This allows customers to pick and choose nodes for their environment as needed, meeting both capacity and performance needs.

Founded in 2011, Coho burst onto the scene with a 10 Million Dollar Series A funding round in August 2012, followed by a 25 Million Dollar Series B funding round in 2013. Coho has grown by leaps and bounds by focusing on their highly scalable model that keeps the desire to run commodity hardware at its heart. Many of Coho’s leaders have had a background at XenSource, and it is clear that Coho’s core architecture keeps data at its heart. Integration to the myriad of applications and operating environments Coho supports are achieved by the use of RESTful APIs.

For more about Coho Data, you can visit them at their website. For more about their 30 Million Dollar Series C round of funding, you can take a look at Forbes’ coverage.

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