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Breaking Down the 3PAR 7450 Deduplication Announcement

Breaking Down the 3PAR 7450 Deduplication Announcement
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

As we take in the news of HP and their big push to bring their HP 3PAR 7450 line of all-flash array to data centers everywhere, it is nice to get a deep dive on exactly what is going to be coming with the hardware and management that is packaged in the HP 3PAR all-flash package.

Prepare to Dive!

If you’ve read any of Nigel Poulton’s content, you will know that he does a great job of getting down to the fine details. As a trusted storage blogger with a specialty in good deep dive content, it is great to be able to look at some of the fine details that didn’t come in the initial announcement.

Announcing the Future Announcement?

This was one key note that Nigel made, that this is actually a pre-announcement for an upcoming release, and that there is no shipping software or hardware today for these features. It isn’t that we doubt HP 3PAR and their capability to deliver, but the reality is that they are leaking features for a release that we cannot test out at the moment.

There isn’t really too much to be read between the lines luckily. This is hardware assisted inline deduplication for the 7450 all-flash array, which will inevitably lead to inclusion of the deduplication feature in other HP 3PAR lines down the road. That’s supposition right now, but it would be nice to see for sure.

You can read Nigel’s breakdown of the announcement here at his blog.

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