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Backup to the Future! The Face of the New Backup

Backup to the Future! The Face of the New Backup
Eric Wright, vExpert, Cisco Champion

Your storage has been the focus of your administrators for quite some time. We “blame the SAN”, and we hunt for IOPS and near-zero latency in every way possible for our storage configurations, but with the new storage comes a new challenge.

Time To Back Up In Your Planning

I mean this literally. Has your backup plan been updated to reflect the changes in how you manage your data today? As more abstraction of the underlying hardware occurs, and more API driven acceleration occurs, and we move data closer to the hypervisor for in-memory consumption, what about your backup strategy?

Modern backup products have adapted well to many virtualization products, but as we delve into object storage, JBOD deployments, tiered storage management, you and your team are probably long overdue for revisiting the backup plan. Plus, don’t just back it up. You may also be able to rethink your restore scenario. Will you restore to the cloud, or to bare metal, or to a virtualized platform somewhere in the middle of it all?

These are important questions. Our friend Edward Haletky over at Virtualization Practice has asked these and many other key questions which you should read and think about. Let’s bring our backup strategy up to speed with our storage.

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